Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The following general terms and conditions (GTC) are valid for the use of the platform bedandtango.com.
The term "user" within bedandtango refers to persons and legal entities who have registered and whose registration has been confirmed by bedandtango. Bedandtango provides users with the use of its database, only on the basis of these terms and conditions. By registering, the user agrees to the validity of these terms and conditions.
Benefits of bedandtango.com:
Bedandtango is an online platform where registered users can offer flats and rooms to rent.
Bedandtango itself does not have its own accommodation, but only mediates between users.
Leases are solely between users. Bedandtango itself is not a party to the rental agreement.
Bedandtango is not responsible for third party offers and content.
Bedandtango requires registration of each user in order to utilize the platform. Registration is free, and requires that the user accepts the GTC of bedandtango. The license agreement between the user and bedandtango is initiated upon receipt of the registration confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the user. There is no right to enter into such license agreement.
When registering only individual persons may be named as owner of the user account.
The user is obligated to provide truthful, current and complete information while completing the registration form; in particular first and last name, current mailing address and a valid e-mail address. It is prohibited for an individual user to have multiple accounts under different usernames. When registering, the user selects a username and a password. The username must not consist of an e-mail or Web address. After completing registration, the user must verify his email address via an automated message containing a confirmation link.
User requirements, user account:
The user is solely responsible for all content that he puts on the platform. Those offering lodging must insure that the accommodation offered is described correctly and completely. They must complete at minimum those fields designated by bedandtango as mandatory to describe the accommodation and the offer accurately.
A user account is not transferable.The user may not allow others to use his account and must keep his password secret. Each user must independently verify the identity of the respective contract partner. Bedandtango assumes no responsibility for the correctness of the user contact information on the platform. Users may not utilize address, contact details and e-mail addresses that they have obtained through the use of the website, use for any purpose other than contractual communication. It is especially forbidden to disclose this data to third parties or to use it for commercial advertising, unless the user concerned has expressly agreed beforehand. For any breach of the GTC bedandtango is entitled to exclude the respective user from using the service, and/or to delete the content created by him.
Handling of content and rights of users:
Bedandtango stores the user's uploaded multi-media content (images, text, etc.) conveying solely the required storage space and access to it. Therefore, users are solely responsible for the content of multimedia uploaded to bedandtango.

Availability and changes to the website:
The user has no legal claim to a permanent use of the platform. In particular bedandtango is not required to guarantee a constant availability or accessibility of the website. However, bedandtango strives to maintain trouble-free operation and to develop according to the needs of users. Bedandtango may limit usage temporarily, as necessary for technical maintenance.
Rating system:
Bedandtango.com allows its users to rate each other. The reviews should reflect an accurate picture of the trustworthiness of users. The user agrees that all statements made himself in reviews and ratings are truthful. It is forbidden for users to give feedback about themselves. Reviews can not be changed after submission. They are permanently stored on a user's feedback score and can be viewed by all users.

Disclaimer (what bedandtango is not liable for):
Bedandtango makes no warranty and is not liable for accommodation services as described in contracts between guest and host as bendandtango is not a party to these contracts.
All statements that are submitted as part of the service contract with bedandtango must be made in writing or by e-mail.